The Victory Series is our most popular safe—and for good reason. It offers excellent security, fire protection, and quality at an attractive price. The Victory’s body is formed from 12-gauge American-made steel with a reinforced Double-Steel Door Casement™. Its Double Plate Steel Door™ is constructed from two full layers of steel and encases a precision four-way active boltworks. Other features include: clutch-driven mechanism, complete door defense systems, and Champion’s bolt-detent. Its 1400°F 60-minute fire rating is unmatched in its price range. After careful examination, you’ll find the Victory Series surpasses all other safes in its class. In fact, you’ll find it superior to most higher-priced products on the market.

• Up to Two-Inch Thick Composite Walls
• 12-Gauge Steel Walls
• Up to Three Layers of Fire Insulation
• Double-Steel Door Casement™

• 4½”-Thick Double Plate Steel Door™
• 12-Gauge Outer Steel, Full 14-Gauge Inner
• 7/16″ Reinforced Door Edge
• Internal Ball-Bearing Hinges
• Two Layers of Fire Insulation
• Three-Spoke Handle with Slip Clutch

• Four-Way Active Boltworks
• Up to 12, 1’’-Diameter Door Bolts
• Bolt-Detent™ System
• Roughneck™ Bolt Guides

• Sargent & Greenleaf® Group II Dial Lock
• Champion’s Auto-Relock™ System
• Diamond-Embedded Armor Plate™

• Plush Velour Interior
• High Capacity Gun Racks
• Steel Reinforced Top Shelf (VT-45, VT-40)
• Deluxe Door Organizer

• 1400° 60-Minute Fire Rating
• Phoenix™ Class II Fire Protection
• Tested in an ASME Certified Facility
• UL® Security Rating
• Lifetime Warranty