We take great pride in producing the Untouchable. They are hand-built one at a time by our best craftsmen using only the finest American-made materials. It is our strongest, most secure safe. Not only has it earned the UL Residential Security Container (RSC) certification, it also exceeds the safe industries more substantial B requirements. The Class B safe is a major upgrade in protection offered by a RSC safe. A Class B high security safe must have a 1/2″ thick solid steel door and 1/4″ thick solid steel walls on all five sides. At the Untouchable’s core is a heavy steel foundation that can resist hours of forcible attack by skilled criminals. The body is formed from 1/4″ carbon steel plate with double MIG welded top and bottom caps. The massive Triple-Step™ door contains 5/8″ of steel, 1/2″ solid outer steel and 10-gauge full inner steel. The Untouchable provides over 37 times the body strength and over 300 times the door strength of the lightweight 2 mm or 14-gauge safes.Besides the Untouchable’s thick door and body, the boltworks are second to none. The fortified four-way system consists of: pinion-driven radial gear, massive bolt carriages and equalizers with substantial linkage. We call this system the Hell-Bender™–and for good reason. Even the best locksmiths have a “hell of a time” getting into it.Inside the Untouchable’s door, Superior employs sophisticated door defense systems to further thwart attacks. A whole array of anti-break-in devices stand by to deter the most persistent criminals. The safe weighs substantially more than Superior’s other safes. With its heavy steel and copious amounts of fire insulation, the Untouchable 65 weighs as much as a car, making it difficult to move without advanced planning.Not only is the Untouchable our most secure safe, it is one of our most attractive. Sculpted steelwork with stylish classic lines, and two-tone hand-applied finishes create a work of timeless attraction. As your safe’s contents become more important and irreplaceable, it is time to consider Superior’s Untouchable Series. It is our most rugged and secure safe–a safe created for high security situations.

• 2-3/4″-Thick Composite Walls
• 1/4″-Thick Steel Walls
• Four Layers of Fire Insulation
• Double-Steel Door Casement™
• Three Fire Seals

• 5-3/4″ -Thick Triple-Step™ Door
• 1/2″ Thick Outer Door, 10-Gauge Inner Door
• External Ball-Bearing Hinges
• Four Layers of Fire Insulation
• Five-Spoke Custom Handle with Slip Clutch
• Royce’s Roll Bar

• Hell-Bender™ Radial Gear-Driven Boltworks
• Four-Way Active Boltworks
• Up to 24, 1-1/2″-Diameter Bolts
• Door-Detent™ System
• Roughneck™ Bolt Guides

• Sargent & Greenleaf® Group II Dial Lock
• Glass-Guard™ Relock System with Remote Relockers
• Superior’s Auto-Relock™ System
• Diamond-Embedded Armor Plate™

• Plush Velour Interior
• Bank Box™ Storage System (UT-55, UT-65)
• High Capacity Gun Racks
• Steel Reinforced Top Shelves
• LED Lighting with Motion Sensor
• External 120-Volt Inlet
• Deluxe Door Organizer

• Class B Security Rating
• UL® Residential Security Rating
• 1865°F 110-Minute Fire Rating
• Tested in an ASME Certified Facility
• Lifetime Warranty